“To be healthy, land-based communities will need to add value to local products, they will need to supply local demand, and they will need to be reasonably self-sufficient in food, energy, pleasure, and other basic requirements.”
— Wendell Berry

Services Overview


Grant Development

Cooper Ag Services specializes in helping farmers, foresters, and landowners leverage private and public funding to increase their asset values, income, and long-term sustainability. In 2016, farmers received over $1 million in USDA grant awards with our assistance. While we love to work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and municipalities to access capital and cost-sharing programs, our passion is collaborating with family farms to expand their revenues and build effective operational and growth strategies. CooperAg offers a full complement of grant services, from detailed application review to development from start to finish. A sample of successful grant applications is below.

— USDA Rural Development Value-Added Program Grant (VAPG)

— USDA Rural Development Renewable Energy for America Program Grant (REAP)

— USDA AMS Farmers Market Promotion Grant (FMPP)

— USDA AMS Local Food Promotion Grant (LFPP)

— USDA AMS Specialty Crop Block Grant

— USDA OAO "2501" Grant

— USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Grant (BFRDP)

— USDA FSA/NRCS Outreach Grants

We have had the good fortune to work with Donn on a number of grants awarded to Georgia Organics through his efforts and are always impressed with his professionalism. There are so many skills that go into successful grant writing; attention to detail, crunching numbers and timely reporting. Donn Cooper possesses all of these and more. What impresses most is his ability to transform thoughts, needs and words into ‘grant speak’ – a true art.
— Anthony-Masterson Photography + Films

project management

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Technical Assistance

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