agricultural Commodity

An unprocessed product of farms, ranches, nurseries, forests, and natural and man-made bodies of water, that the Independent Producer has cultivated, raised, or harvested with legal access rights. Agricultural commodities include plant and animal products and their by-products, such as crops, forestry products, hydroponics, nursery stock, aquaculture, meat, on-farm generated manure, and fish and seafood products. Agricultural commodities do not include horses or other animals raised or sold as pets, such as cats, dogs, and ferrets. 

agricultural food product

Agricultural food products can be raw, cooked, or processed edible substances, beverages, or ingredients intended for human consumption. These products cannot be animal feed, live animals (except seafood products customarily sold and/or consumed live), non-harvested plants, fiber, medicinal products, cosmetics, tobacco products, or narcotics. 

local food 

The USDA defines local as any market within 400 miles of product origination. For example, with applicants in the Southeast, the 400-mile radius from Atlanta reaches as far as Memphis, Cincinnati (pictured), Raleigh, and Jackson. Orlando and New Orleans lie just beyond the distance limit.